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Ready, set, opinionate!

Today, fellow students, I offer you a challenge. If you do not like the opinions you see on this page, write your own. The Concordian accepts submissions from all students, so take some time, think about what is important to you and submit a letter or column via the online form on The Concordian’s website. Every week on this page, you see opinions from the same four or five writers. While we do our best to write on a variety of topics, maybe we are missing the issues that really matter to you or maybe you do not share our views.

By submitting your own opinions, you are accomplishing two things. First, you are engaging in the world around you. A key component of responsible engagement in the world is critical thought and discussion. There are a lot of problems in our world that have no clear solutions, issues with no obvious resolutions. Only through thought, reflection and discussion do we have any chance of achieving progress on these problems and issues.

Second, by writing into The Concordian, you can shape your school newspaper into something that is more interesting for you to read. Having more people’s opinions in the paper allows it to become more of a live entity. What you write can generate some debate about the issues that you care about. More importantly, a broader range of issues and viewpoints will be represented on this page of the paper once more students write in.

As a student at Concordia, one of the central vehicles for you to express your opinions is this paper. It is impossible for the thoughts of a few students to reflect the opinions of the student body as a whole; write in and make your voice heard.

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