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Parking changes

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Parking enforcer issues electronic ticket. Photo by Maddie Malat.

Bringing a car to Concordia’s campus always has its problems, but this year proves entirely different.

The 2014 parking policy has made changes by increasing fees, adjusting the lots and making parking tickets and appeals electronic.

Parking Services increased parking fees this year. For example, a ticket for “improper lot” last year cost $7. This year, it costs $10. Other offenses such as lack of permit or unregistered vehicle cost $20.

Parking Services also made major adjustments to the location of parking lots. According to the Student Informational Notice, the “South Zone” lot by Hallett and Erickson has added an “ES” lot “directly east of Erickson and Hallett” and “is reserved for employees and event guests.”

Jessica Mooberry, a sophomore with a parking permit for the South Zone parking lot, doesn’t like the location.

“It’s annoying that they put the ES parking lot in,” Mooberry said. “For Hallett residents, it’s pretty far away while for Erickson residents, it’s not that bad.”

Lastly, Parking Services has changed their tickets to be sent to violators via email. Also, if someone receives a ticket that he or she feels that they don’t deserve, the individual may ask for an appeal through Concordia’s website.

“I hate this change because I don’t check my email,” Mooberry “I have a friend that works in parking services and she said that this has been an issue for a lot of people because people don’t check their email. If I don’t check my email in time, the ticket fee goes up.”

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