Editor-in-Chief: College is easy

I can say, without hesitation, that I have never had a truly challenging class in college.

This doesn’t mean I haven’t stayed up until 4 a.m. trying to finish papers. I haven’t always received A’s on tests or assignments. So, you may be asking yourself, “What exactly is his point here? College is super hard.”

With all of the resources students have available to them – whether that is professors, tutors, study groups or the library ­– there should be no reason for a student not to succeed and do well. And with that, the most important resource available to college students is, well, time.

Let’s be honest here, unless you are a model of the perfect, ideal student, we all procrastinate. Even writing this editorial, I waited too long. Because we procrastinate, it makes easy assignments harder and harder assignments almost impossible.

We have literal days to do work. Barring all of the other activities we do, work and sports, there are still hours upon hours to do our homework and assignments. But what do we do? Watch Netflix until 1 a.m. and expect the assignment we do in the wee hours of the morning to be satisfactory when it comes time to turn it in. Sometimes it is satisfactory. Most of the time it’s not.

There is something else that needs to be said about college. Some majors are harder than others. While English students may be defining what the word English means, Math students are studying complex differential equations that explain how Ebola might spread across the United States.

Coming from a journalism and political science major, I can tell you that my majors are nowhere near as hard as the math or sciences. But that doesn’t mean it is worth less. The work is inherently different, therefore, each major accomplishes different things, which contribute to different aspects of our society. We couldn’t function without the English majors of the world nor could we exist without chemistry and biology majors.

College is easy because I put in the work necessary to do well. Whenever I find an assignment hard, I ask questions, get help and use the resources available. It makes a seemingly daunting task manageable, and much easier. I find if I actually use my time appropriately, nothing is ever challenging. This doesn’t mean I spend my Friday and Saturday nights shut in either. It’s about being efficient and focused when I do have time to study or write papers.

Professors push us to do great things at Concordia. And their courses are designed to make us better in all aspects. Maybe we should try and push harder to find out what we are actually capable of, instead of sitting back and hoping for the best. If students used their time and support appropriately, maybe, just maybe, college would be easy for everyone.

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