Winter fashion

Warmth or style?

Rerick models his beloved beanie, which is a staple to his winter wardrobe. Submitted photo.

As the temperature continues to fall in the Fargo-Moorhead area, can being fashionable and keeping warm coexist?

Senior Charles Rerick thinks that style and cold weather can coexist if people are willing to put in the time to look sharp. However, the chilly weather permits him to worry less about his style.

“Honestly, I think one of the nicest things about winter is it gives me an excuse not to worry about it (style) so much because I can wear sweats, a hoodie and a beanie, and no one cares because it’s winter,” Rerick said.

To some, cold weather isn’t an excuse to let your style go. Senior Emily Osman, who has been studying in Tours, France this semester  says that style is very important as it allows her to express her personality.

As a former employee at DSW shoe retailers, Osman recommends that people consider appropriate footwear during the winter months. One tip she has is for people to waterproof their shoes.

“As someone who works at a shoe store, I have seen many good boots lose in the battle against rain, snow, and road salt. This goes for leather, suede, and nubuck materials. Most shoe stores can help you decide which product is best for your specific shoe,” Osman said.

Osman also suggests that those who wear boots invest in boot socks.

“They work for knee-high or ankle boots and add a little extra style and warmth to your feet,”Osman said.

“Alaska” shows off her signature jeans and black boots in her home state. Submitted photo.

Sophomore Elizabeth Viergutz, or, as her friends call her, “Alaska,” has had a lifetime experiencing this quandary of warmth versus style, being born and raised in the state.

“When my dad and I would go to our cabin…it was literally 50 below outside and we’d go ice fishing in our little tent,” Viergutz said.

Though the temperatures in her home state can drop to 30, 50, and even 70 below zero, that does not inhibit Viergutz from retaining her sense of colorful style.

“Everyone has the big winter coat so you’re sometimes going to look like a marshmallow,” she said. “But when you get inside, you can wear something cute under it.”

Viergutz uses vibrant colors and sparkles to stand out in a crowd, and one of her signature style pieces includes her sparkly Miss Me jeans.

“Even when it was 75 (degrees) below (zero), I refused to wear snow pants. I’m all about my jeans,” Viergutz said.

Viergutz also admires her black Ugg boots, which she says are both practical and stylish. Viergutz recommends that style-conscious students consider bringing black items into their wardrobes because of its versatility.

“You can’t really go wrong with black, so I love those boots,” Viergutz said of her Uggs.

Like Viergutz, Rerick has his favorite winter apparel, namely his cherished beanie adorned with a small pom pom.

“I like hats with little fuzzy bobbles on top,” Rerick said. “I have three of these (hats). They just make me happy.”

Rerick thinks that though style serves a social purpose, warmth is more important.

Abramyan sports his winter coat which is both warm and stylish. Submitted photo.

For Freshman Michael Abramyan, whose typical wardrobe consists of hoodies, crewnecks and khakis, he notices an overall decline in fashion during the winter.

“I feel that most people do end up sacrificing fashion during cold weather months,” Abramyan said.

Abramyan’s favorite winter-weather accessory is his colorful jacket.

“My jacket is bright orange, and I like that because I feel like it speaks for my personality a little bit,” Abramyan said.

Abramyan also said that as the seasons change, so do his wardrobe choices.

“If it’s still in the fall, I usually just wear a hard-shell jacket. Closer to winter would be my snowboarding jacket,” Abramyan said.

Abramyan believes that cold temperatures and fashion can indeed coexist and that there is a wide selection of winter-worthy apparel, depending upon one’s taste and budget.

“During the winter you can choose different types of cool coats to wear. For instance, some people like snowboarding jackets. Others like to wear a more fashionable pea coat. There are many different options depending on what you want to spend,” Abramyan said.

To Rerick, it really doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you’re avoiding hypothermia.

“The most important thing is feeling comfortable in your own skin. As long as you can be confident in whatever you’re wearing, that’s what matters.”

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