Best music videos of 2014


The top 10 music videos released in 2014 comprised by Kayla Culver and Anna Dovre – in no particular order.

Best albums of 2014

Taylor Swift- “Blank Space”

Enough of celebrities are keeping it all together. Here’s T-Swift the cultural icon stabbing a cake that bleeds. Did she actually stand on that horse? Critics applaud her for tackling her media image as a heartbreaker, but I just like the way she tries to smash a car with a golf club in slow motion.

Glass Animals- “Pools”

One word: claymation.

Jenny Lewis- “Just One of the Guys”

Jenny Lewis got her pals Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart to dress up as dudes in tracksuits. It’s nice to see the uptight award-winning Hathaway shedding a tear and breakdancing while sporting a mustache and a rat tail. Another surprise is actually enjoying Kristen Stewart on film. Also, Jenny Lewis’ rainbow tuxedo.

Flying Lotus- “Never Catch Me” (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Two kids with sick dance moves take on mortality. The song is good enough on its own, but it reaches a new level of poignancy with this visual storytelling. Hold out for the last ten seconds.

Sia- “Chandelier”

There is no chandelier in this video, nor is there a Sia. Instead we’re treated to the marvelous performance of a young girl in a platinum blonde wig. Her dancing is imbibed with spirit, oscillating between jerky childish movements, ballet-quality pirouettes, and cooky facial expressions. It’s bizarre and mesmerizing and cathartic. No wonder Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon take it on with such enthusiasm in their own version.

Bleachers- “I Wanna Get Better”

A great song with Donna Meagle.

Fall Out Boy- Young Blood Chronicles

They created a whole story based on each song off their comeback album Save Rock and Roll, what’s more rock ‘n roll than that?

Neon Trees- “Sleeping with a Friend”

One of the best pop songs released this year. The video is colorful and fun.

Meghan Trainor- “All About that Bass”

Even though the song may be over-played, the video is pure entertainment and I can’t help but dance along.

Real Friends- “I Don’t Love You Anymore”

It’s punk.


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