Students create Sandy’s Donut Club

Raised, cake, bismark, long john and more — Sandy’s Donuts in Fargo has them all. Some Concordia students who have a special appreciation for baked goods created Sandy’s Donut Club. Led by Kelsey Rausch and Katie Dosland and formed a couple weeks ago, SDC is set to have its first meeting in October.

One of Sandy’s Cobber-themed Donuts decorated in maroon and gold icing. Photo submitted by Alison Broman.
One of Sandy’s Cobber-themed Donuts decorated in maroon and gold icing.
Photo submitted by Alison Broman.

Rausch and Dosland were inspired by members of an NDSU Sandy’s Donut Club at a Dance Marathon event. Then on Sept. 13, Rausch and Dosland wrote the constitution for Concordia’s SDC, and created Facebook and Twitter pages for the club.

“We love donuts, and who wouldn’t want a Sandy’s Donut Club?” Rausch said.

Besides Dosland and Rausch, Concordia’s SDC has four other founding members: Taste Tester Sarah Swansen, Nutrition Liaison Katie Cook, and members Alisha Knutson and Alison Broman.

Article I, Section 3 of The Constitution of Sandy’s Donut Club states, “The principle purpose of the organization shall be to build community through the enjoyment of donuts.”

All of the founding members want SDC meetings to be focused on connecting with other students.

“I expect [the meetings] to be very chill and just a time for people to get together and talk and connect over donuts,” Cook said. “I mean everybody likes food.”

SDC has already built a relationship with Sandy’s Donuts in Fargo over Twitter.

“When we tweeted that we were official, [Sandy’s Donuts] tweeted at us, ‘Let us know what we can do to help! We’re so excited!’” Rausch said.

Director of Alumni, Eric Johnson took advantage of the store’s offer and tweeted to ask them for Concordia-themed donuts. Sandy’s replied with four options for different raised donuts with maroon and gold icing. Cobbers can thank Johnson for the Concordia donuts they saw over Homecoming weekend.

Rausch hopes that Concordia’s SDC can share their love of donuts with NDSU’s club.

“We’re kind of hoping that it will be like two chapters of the same club, rather than two separate clubs,” Rausch said.

MSUM might even join Concordia and NDSU in creating their own chapter of SDC.

“One of the NDSU people has a brother who goes [to MSUM], and they’re hoping to get one started there,” Rausch said. “So it could be a tri-college thing.”

SDC’s meetings will occur once a month.

“[The meetings] are going to be at Sandy’s Donuts, or they’re going to be [at Concordia],” Rausch said. “We’re also hoping to have speakers come.”

Rausch plans on varying the speakers and topics discussed from nuclear fission or politics, to just something fun.

“We’ll just do whatever interests us that month,” Rausch said.

SDC wants to appeal to everyone.

“Our goal is to get as many people to come to the meetings as possible,” Rausch said. “ We’re going to switch [the meetings] every month to a different time so different people can make it.”

The club wants to also serve as a place to socialize.

“Our club is purely just to get to know people, and I guess to eat donuts,” Dosland said. “It’s kind of cool.”

“Show me someone who doesn’t love donuts and I’ll show you a liar,” Swansen said.

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