When students walk past the coaches’ offices in Memorial Auditorium they find that twenty teams with 27 coaches inhabit those offices. Statistically speaking, Memorial Auditorium falls into the norm of who occupies those offices. According to Acosta and Carpenter’s Women in Intercollegiate Sport 2012 study, women coach 43 percent ofContinue Reading

Cobbers practice unique rituals to succeed in games Countless hours of preparation go into competing in athletics. What the crowd sees, warm-ups and pregame team huddles, are only a small fraction of the time spent physically and mentally focusing for game day. Because every sport is different and requires differentContinue Reading

After a few hectic weeks, we are headlong into the semester, and I am thinking about masks. No, not Halloween masks, but instead the masks we wear in an attempt to fit in. Orientation whipped by, then before we knew it Family Weekend and thereafter Homecoming flooded media with excitingContinue Reading