I am a member of the rather large sector of the Concordia College community that believes Symposium, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Celebration of Student Scholarship are the best days of the academic year. While this may sound noble and intellectual —“Wow, look at Emma appreciating people’s hard workContinue Reading

Students are celebrating student scholarship all day on April 9. This is the first year the Celebration of Student Scholarship is being hosted in a symposium-style format, with concurrent and spotlight sessions. Throughout the day students have been presenting their research around campus, showing to their peers what they haveContinue Reading

April 18 and 19 was a great success for many students, especially due to the diverse presentations at this year’s Celebration of Student Scholarship. Just like other students, we have been looking forward to showcasing our work since we started creating it a few months ago. For our main ceramicsContinue Reading

Concordia students examined the work of their peers at the Celebration of Student Scholarship Thursday and Friday. The yearly event is focused on allowing students to present their work in oral sessions, poster presentations and art exhibits. Presentations ranged from “Emerson and the Ordinary” to “Nazi Germany, Rwanda, and ‘StarContinue Reading