A couple of weeks ago, Tomi Lahren, conservative political commentator on Glenn Beck’s channel The Blaze, appeared on the TV show “The View.” While talking about her politics and values, Lahren admitted that she’s not only a constitutional conservative, but she is in fact pro-choice. She felt it would beContinue Reading

At the beginning of my freshmen year,I was on a date with a guy I met from a different college in the area. It was going incredibly well until I started talking about feminism. He asked me, “So, what kind of feminist are you? Are you the kind who hatesContinue Reading

I’ve changed my major around quite a bit while at Concordia. I came in with a declared major of music performance and theatre arts. After a semester, I changed it to political science. After yet another semester, I switched out poli-sci for English writing. Most recently, I added a womenContinue Reading

I have a lot of pet peeves: slow walkers, litter, bragging and — most importantly — condescension. I cannot stand it when people patronize others. The most irritating example of this that I’ve encountered since starting college is the talk of “the real world.” I’ve noticed that many professors, administratorsContinue Reading

I spent last week at a theatre festival in Minneapolis and something I heard a lot of was praise for plays that are outdated, discriminatory and supremacist. “It’s a product of its time” was the most common defense used in discussions of whether or not colleges and playhouses should continueContinue Reading

My mom had my little sister, Tess, when I was nine years old and that’s when I started hearing the debate about whether or not women should be allowed to breastfeed publicly. Public breastfeeding was brought to my attention once again, a decade later, when the topic swept across socialContinue Reading