Most percussion instrumentalists have only four primary ways of communicating with audiences: dynamic level, rhythmic intrigue, tempo, and articulative ability. But, this doesn’t hinder performers’ abilities to allow for much diversity in performances, the creative programming or a concert. This was made very clear to me in the performance thatContinue Reading

A review on the returning David Lynch classic, ‘Twin Peaks’ SUBMITTED BY SUSAN FISER In just over a month the critically acclaimed cult classic “Twin Peaks” will return to televisions across the nation. “Twin Peaks” is the brainchild of Mark Frost and David Lynch and first premiered in 1990 andContinue Reading

Of the many films that premiered in the last few months, only one has the capability to reel in audiences of all ages. Disney has outdone itself with “Moana,” the endearing story of a Polynesian island chief’s daughter who goes on a life-changing quest of self-discovery. The message this movieContinue Reading

On the evening of Sunday, Nov. 13, Concordia’s Echo Band kicked off its fall concert season in Buxton Choral Rehearsal Hall. The ensemble is one of three major bands on campus, and rehearses under the supervision of Dr. Peter Haberman. Its casual atmosphere and limited time commitment makes the bandContinue Reading