When walking through the halls of the Integrated Sciences Center, a special creature may catch your eye — a red-footed tortoise to be exact. He is better known as Gödel the Turtle. Over Thanksgiving break, Gödel’s (pronounced like ‘girdle’) habitat, along with surrounding habitats, was redone by EACH, the ExoticContinue Reading

As the world enters into 2022, there is one thing not being left behind: COVID concern. The end of the pandemic is still not within sight, especially with growing concern over the Omicron variant of the virus that has shown up within the last few weeks. It was first identifiedContinue Reading

2021 was a long year. The music released this year was just as crazy. This year was full of comebacks and come-ups. We saw the return of Swedish pop legends ABBA, the return of British hit singer Adele and the return of one my favorite groups We Are Scientists. WeContinue Reading

There’s a lot more to majoring in English than just sitting through classes and submitting assignments. The English department offers countless opportunities for current Concordia students to show their writing skills and talents outside a classroom setting by encouraging them to write for various student publications such as the newspaper,Continue Reading