For too long, Republican leadership in the Senate and the White House have held up legislation that will benefit Americans. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has blocked bills that would address the COVID-19 crisis, voting rights, election security, LGBTQ discrimination, Dreamers, pay discrimination, wage increases and many other issues; overContinue Reading

For months, there has only been one major topic in politics: the 2020 presidential election. Continuing the honored practice started over 200 years ago, millions of Americans went to the polls on November 3 and cast their vote for the candidate they want to be the next president. Then theyContinue Reading

Most students don’t have the energy to run a marathon. Still, Concordia is now following a schedule that demands students academically get used to the trek. The new schedule excludes a mid-semester break (substituted by a mid-week respite day) and instead extended Thanksgiving and Easter break. It was created inContinue Reading