The Concordia College football team was able to get back on track this past Saturday, taking down Presentation College by a final score of 55-14. Senior receiver Andy Gravdahl led the way for the Cobbers on offense, racking up 128 yards and two receiving scores on nine catches, adding anContinue Reading


“Peace be with you!”  The words fill the air, yet a hesitant silence emerges. There is no response, at least not one that can be heard by campus ministers Rev. Dave and Kim Adams.  For the majority of this academic year, the campus ministry elected to host online chapel servicesContinue Reading

Whether it is used for tuition money, food, housing, or to accommodate any of students’ needs, government relief funds to university students during the pandemic have been very crucial. The aid assists with navigating through job loss, combating the rising costs of tuition, helping other family members and so forth.Continue Reading

On January 20, 2021,  Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was inaugurated as the 46th president of the U.S. When that happened, many of our foreign policy war hawks and the so-called European allies were happy, as America’s role as the world’s police was on the verge of being restored, after fourContinue Reading

Although the pandemic restrictions seem to be lifting, athletes at Concordia College aren’t moving away from proactive measures just yet. Concordia is mandating vaccination for all students participating in college-sponsored travel, such as travel for athletic competitions. With the new vaccination mandate, athletics are following updated guidelines from last year. Continue Reading