On Thursday February 23, I had the privilege of attending Theater B’s production of “The Lifespan of a Fact.” The performance was amazing and extremely thought-provoking. This is the kind of production that Theater B specializes in “material that is provocative, will make you stop in your tracks, ponder, makeContinue Reading

In this witty yet insightful book of essays, Jill Gutowitz examines the influence of pop culture in the uplifting and silencing of queer culture. Reflecting on her own experiences, Gutowitz draws connections between her experience of finding her sexuality and that of the tumultuous media portrayals of women, especially queerContinue Reading

“The Rocky Horror Show” by Richard O’ Brien is hands down on my top five list of musicals that I’m obsessed with, so finding out that this musical was going to be done by Concordia College Theatre, I was shocked, primarily due to the sexual nature of the show, butContinue Reading