Nutrition and dietetics research: The key to exercise is confidence

By: Luke Krause

Everyone knows the more exercise you get, the healthier you will be. We all know this, but the world is stuck in an obesity crisis and the number of people suffering from diabetes and heart problems is increasing.

There are a couple things to blame. One of the most important problems in exercise is that the individual doesn’t have the confidence in themselves. Having self confidence is an important role in being able to exercise. Self confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. If a person has high confidence in themselves, it is more likely for that person to engage in physical activity.

When working in the professional health care field it is important to ask your patient how high their confidence level is. This will help the health care professional understand what they need to do to help raise that confidence level. It is common for an individual to know what type, or types, of exercise to do to help them with what they are looking for. When an individual doesn’t know about what they are supposed to do, it contributes to them not being confident in themselves. As health care professionals you need to explain to them what needs to be done.

There are many ways for healthcare professionals to inform their clients on how to improve their confidence level. Offering information to clients is a huge way to help someone build their confidence. If they know more about exercise they will feel better about exercising. Giving your client guidance is important. If you are explaining to them how to do the exercise with giving them support is a key role to having them understand what needs to be done for that exercise. If your client is struggling it’s a good idea to explain to them that others have gone through this same thing. Tons of people have achieved successful results when they exercise. It’s important for them to know that it can be done. Sometimes the client has anxiety when thinking about exercise. It is a good idea to deal with this before attempting exercise. When they conquer that, they will feel much more confident in themselves when going to exercise.

The more activites a person does the higher their confidence level will increase.  With some expert input from Dr. Pulkit Sharma he says, “when you exercise it releases endorphins which relieves stress and make you feel good psychologically. This boosts your confidence.” The more that they accomplish the more difficult tasks they will try. When they complete each one of these tasks they will see their confidence level increase more and more. Working out and seeing your body grow and change, will increase your confidence extremely. The more that you see your body change, the more you will want to exercise. When you start to lose weight and body fat your attitude changes for the better! Reaching new goals makes you feel like you can complete any task.

Confidence comes from a feeling of being in control and achieving your goals. The more goals that you accomplish the more you will set out to do. Set realistic goals. Do not go over the top! If you do, then when it is extremely hard for you to accomplish one goal it will make you feel like every goal will be like that. When you design your goals to be realistic, it will be more realistic for you to achieve them. Start small and then slowly increase the difficulty of these goals. The next time that you decide you want to engage in exercise,  I would recommend talking with a healthcare professional. Remember how important self confidence is when you are exercising. Start small and end great!

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