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Lambda Delta Sigma celebrates 100 years

Lambda Delta Sigma in 2019 (top) and in 1919 (bottom), when the society was founded.

The 2019-2020 school year signifies a major milestone for the women of Lambda Delta Sigma. In 1919, Lambda Delta Sigma became the newest Greek philanthropic society at Concordia College. One of many Greek societies on Concordia’s campus at the time, Lambda Delta Sigma is now the only philanthropic society left on campus. Come November, Lambda Delta Sigma will be 100 years old, the only Greek society on campus, and the oldest student organization on campus.

From the bright pink feather boas potential active members wear during recruitment, to the annual Mr. Concordia in January, the women of Lambda Delta Sigma are busy throughout the school year volunteering with area organizations and working to better themselves as people.

Since its inception, Lambda Delta Sigma’s motto has been “Enter to learn, depart to serve.” 

Vice President Meggan Smith described what this means to her, saying, “When you come into college and into Lambda Delta Sigma, you still have so much to learn about yourself. Being a part of Lambda Delta Sigma helps you develop your skills and gain personal responsibility so that you’re more prepared to be actively engaged in your community when you leave.”

The ladies of Lambda Delta Sigma participate in many service projects throughout the school year, partnering with organizations in the Fargo-Moorhead area like the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, the Emergency Food Pantry, and the YWCA. One of their most well-known partnerships, held on-campus every year during the spring semester, is Mr. Concordia. Every year, the proceeds raised from this event are donated to the YWCA of Cass and Clay counties. Last school year, over $1,800 was raised for the YWCA at this event. 

Many of the young women involved in Lambda Delta Sigma highlight these philanthropy events and service projects that the society does throughout the year as the best memories they have.

 President Sally Nelson said that her happiest memories with Lambda Delta Sigma are “Volunteering at the Great Plains Food Bank and Emergency Food Pantry … at the end of our time volunteering they tell us how many hours of work we saved them. It’s so fun and so impactful.”

While talking about these philanthropy and service events, senior member Bobbi-Jo Nelson said, “These events have helped me get to know and bond with all the girls, and helped me create connections with people in the Fargo-Moorhead community, as well as find more ways to become involved in issues that are important to me.”

Aside from growing in service through philanthropy and service events, the women involved in Lambda Delta Sigma also praise the growth of community that happens throughout the school year.

Amanda Randall, a 2018 Concordia graduate and member of Lambda Delta Sigma, said of the society, “[Lambda Delta Sigma] equipped me with strong female role models to look up to and learn from, as well as a support system. It reaffirmed and instilled a love for serving others. I learned different ways to serve others and learned to allow others to also be served and uplifted.”

Nelson added that “It’s both empowering and humbling to be a part of a group of such strong women. Being a member of Lambda Delta Sigma has helped me understand that fostering a positive attitude within a group really starts with yourself.”

Senior member Angie Summers said, “[Lambda Delta Sigma] is just a group of girls who support one another. I’ve never been involved in something quite like it, and I know I’ll miss it when I leave. It’s really reassuring to know you have all these friends cheering you on while you struggle with the daily schedule of college life. They’re always there if you need anything.”

When asked if they have any big events planned to celebrate this major milestone, Nelson and Smith commented that they were not sure yet. “I think all the girls want to do something,” Smith said. “But we’re so busy planning our rush and pledge events right now that we haven’t talked about it a lot yet.”

Lambda Delta Sigma Rush begins September 16. More information about the events can be found on the ConcoLife App, as well as their Facebook page, Lambda Delta Sigma-Concordia College.

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