Album review: Lil Nas X delivers an impressive first full album

After a pregnancy announcement in late August, Lil Nas X has finally “given birth” — to baby “Montero.” After multiple hit singles and a solid EP, Georgia born rapper Lil Nas X releases his first full length album. 

Lil Nas X has been laying down bangers since his massive country hip-hop fusion track “Old Town Road” blew up in 2019. As someone who has been a massive fan of his incredibly catchy singles, finally getting a full length album is more than exciting, it’s phenomenal fuel for the pop music scene. 

“Montero” came with a serious amount of promotion, and very creative plugs for the release date and corresponding music videos for tracks. This is one thing I love about the new age of music, and such performative artists like Lil Nas X and others in his related field. Lil Nas X sported a massive baby bump after the album announcement went out, and kept that act throughout public events. He also had a good few social media posts with the incredibly realistic bump, further building the hype of his new project.

Top to bottom, this album supplies on what most people associate Lil Nas X for; catchy ear candy. Previous to the album release we got two singles “MONTERO,” a self titled track and “INDUSTRY BABY,” a clapping banger with marching band type horns and a tasty Jack Harlow verse to boot. 

Speaking of features, Montero holds five solid features, all from prominent names in music today. “AM I DREAMING” has Miley Cyrus with a heartwarming verse about the struggles and hardships that being a celebrity hold, something Lil Nas X has struggled with. This specific feature feels very genuine as Miley has shown in the past, and spoke on her struggles, as she has been in the limelight since a young age. 

Doja Cat also supplies heat on this record, an artist whom I love. Her unique voice and sensual flow adds to “SCOOP” perfectly. I think what makes this album so special is its ability to have each track feel like a solid single outside of its presence on the album. Although I am glad Lil Nas X decided to put these tracks together, they each supply the same power he served with his numerous hit singles.

I think from some point of view, this album can come off as catering or intentionally produced for streams and a money grab, but if you take a step back and just enjoy it for what it is; a well-produced, catchy pop album, anyone with even the highest musical standards can enjoy it. This solid 41-minute album has me gleeful, and ready to replay. As a severe music lover, I don’t always replay albums more than three times in a row, but this has me bopping my head with replay after replay.

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