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Concordia wins first football game of the year

On September 1, at 9:17 pm, the Concordia football team scored a touchdown, ending the first game of the year with a total of 14-12 and starting the Cobbers off with a win.   

Junior Dawson Shaeffer, who scored a touchdown, explains how it happened. 

Dawson Schaffer | Hakima Amiri

“Marshall King made a nice interception and got us the ball back, and we are just driving and they call the play to our coordinate, our quarterback had time, found me and I just did what I could to get around a couple of guys. One of our inside slots made a nice block on the outside and I was just free from there.”   

An interception is the legal catching of a forward pass thrown by an opposing player. Concordia’s turning point was when King made his first interception. Before that, the Vikings were leading with the win, “we went out there, and we felt the momentum change and we knew we had to make a place,” says King.  

Shaeffer gives credit to all the players on the defense, offense and special teams.  

“You kind of need all three aspects of the game to work in your favor if you want to win a game,” Shaeffer said. 

Terry Horan, the head football coach at Concordia, expresses his excitement for the football program this year.  

He has been working in Concordia for 22 years. When asked what made him stay here year after year, Horan was overwhelmed with so many reasons, among which he said he met his wife here with whom he was four children now, and he played in the college’s football team.

“I bleed maroon and gold,” he said.

Terry Horan

Concordia has about 130 football players. Horan gives a glimpse into the recruitment process.  

The football coaches in high schools play a major role; they are the ones recommending students. In every home game, there are recruits watching the students play and learn about the program. They meet with the admissions and academic supervisors, eat in the dining service and spend a night in the dorms to get a sense of Concordia’s community.   

First-year student Zavier Carroll shares his experience in the community so far. Carroll plays as a running quarterback. So far he has had a good experience but is still figuring out a balance between practice and academics.  

Zavier Carroll

 Though only a freshman, he has earned a position with the “older guys,” allowing him to play in Concordia’s’ very first game.  

“It was a tough game, but you know we put together in the second half, offensively,” Carroll said.   

Horan emphasizes the importance of football in creating a culture of togetherness on campus. “Football is just one of America’s games…you don’t know how fun it is until you are actually there and present and can enjoy it,” Carroll said.  

The next football game is on Saturday, 24th at 1:00 pm, CDT against Gustavus Adolphus College.  

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