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DEIC becomes responsibly engaged, organizes walk for Palestine

MOORHEAD – More then 100 students, faculty and members of the community gathered at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 17, for an organized demonstration in support of Palestine.  

The “Peace-Walk for Palestine” was organized by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission, led by lead commissioner Fanan Nizam.

Fanan Nizam spoke at the “Peace-Walk for Palestine”.
Contributed/W. Scott Olsen

The walk was about 25 minutes long and began at the Knutson Campus Center. The group walked around to the Bell Tower, the Integrated Sceince Center and back around to Knutson. 

A group of students in the front held up a banner reading “Free Palestine,” as they walked alongside Nizam and other demonstrators Siam Shimul, Abdallah and Sabriya Siddiqui.  



Participants in the walk held up signs and chanted six different phrases:  

  • “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”
  • “Free free Palestine, until it’s in reverse.”   
  • “Conco against genocide, Conco against apartheid.”  
  • “From Moorhead to Gaza, globalize the infitada.”  
  • “There’s only one solution, intifada is the resolution.”  
  • “Long live Palestine, long live Palestine.”  
Students at the “Peace-Walk for Palestine”
Paige Naughton/The Concordian

The demonstration concluded at Lorentzsen Hall with speeches from Nizam, Abdallah, Siddiqui and Shimul.  

Students at the “Peace-Walk for Palestine”
Paige Naughton/The Concordian

According to the commission, the objectives of the walk were to: 

  • Condemn the silence of Concordia’s administration regarding the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.  
  • Raise awareness that many students have not felt supported during this time. 
  • Uplift voices and create a sense of belonging for all in Concordia’s community.  
  • Educate ourselves on the ongoing conflict and act upon it.  
  • Uphold BREW; being responsibly engaged in the world.  


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