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Tweeting through tour

The hashtag #cctour13 bombarded twitter feeds for the past two weeks as the Concordia Choir toured the Midwest heading south to Texas.

Manager for the choir, Gordon Moe planned on using the hashtag as a marketing and promotional tool while the choir traveled. Although choir members enjoyed documenting their trip through social media, Moe explained that his main goal was not for the students.

“It’s a way to get people in upcoming cities excited about the tour,” Moe said. “Students are essentially selling others on the experience they’re having while giving (the students) an outlet to express the experience they’re having.”

The catchy hashtag has helped to build dialogue amongst Concordia Choir Twitter followers. Those who attend the concert can also find the hashtag printed on the programs if they are not yet a twitter follower.

Online Communication Specialist, Gia Rassier said Moe’s idea of using a hashtag on tour was great.

“(It) gives (The Concordia Choir) a chance to have their own conversation in a backchannel,” Rassier said.

As a part of Rassier’s job, she tries to engage people with the college’s social media presence. She found the online venue Storify to be a simplified way of pulling content from multiple sources into one place. Storify collects tweets, Instagrams and blog posts focused on one topic.

“As a social platform, it provides a visually compelling collection of very authentic content that is fun to read, and easy to share,” Rassier said.

Feedback from The Concordia Choir tour Storify page has been very positive according to Rassier and it “provided people with a real glimpse at tour as it was unfolding.”

See the full Concordia Choir Storify page

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