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Humans of Concordia

Photo by Maddie Malat.
Photo by Maddie Malat.

“My parents were missionaries and met each other at a Christian college. They were put in a group of other couples and missionaries to go church-planting. They ended up going to the poorer provice of Mindanao, Philippines. I was born there along with my younger brother and my older brother, who is adopted. I lived there until I was six. 

The biggest culture difference between the Philippines and America is the respect for elders and family. In the Philippines, a child would never talk back or disrespect their parents or grandparents. It was common to take care of your parents when they were older and have them live with you instead of going to a nursing home, even if they were sick. A sign of respect for elders was taking their hand, bowing, and putting it on your forehead. When I went back to visit, I forgot to do that to an elder of a village near where we lived and I just shook his hand. They laughed.”

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