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Humans of Concordia

Photo by Maddie Malat.
Photo by Maddie Malat.

“My old self acted purely on instinct. I found myself trying different majors, minors, personality traits and even fashion. I’ve tried a lot of weird stuff in the past four years and have had the chance to decide what works for my life in a way that fills me socially, emotionally and spiritually. The most personal growth I’ve seen in college has been in finding my voice. Whether it’s in writing, conversation or in a professional setting, I’ve learned to share myself in a way I feel the most comfortable. I was made through all my grammatical mistakes in Creative Writing 227 and social mishaps between friends and boyfriends. I’m definitely a person prone to mishaps. I’m constantly making mistakes. I’ve become someone I want to be and I can’t be more thankful.”

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