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Humans of Concordia

Photo by Maddie Malat.
Photo by Maddie Malat.

“I have dreams that don’t make sense.

There was a dream where I was at basketball practice and then after practice, for some reason, my shorts were stuck on me. I couldn’t take my shorts off. Or my shoes. Practice ended so I went to the locker room and I could take my jersey off, but I couldn’t take my shorts or my shoes off. They were stuck. And then I got really freaked out.

I play baseball. So I don’t know why I was dreaming about basketball. Maybe I was getting geared up for intramurals, I don’t know.

I had a childhood nightmare. It was like a night terror that happened every night when I was in fourth grade. Pretty comical.

Every night when I went to bed, I had this dream that Osama Bin Laden and his pack would drive down my driveway in the neck of the woods of Northwest Wisconsin and come to my house. My bed was on the opposite side of my siblings’. He was going to proceed to shoot a harpoon gun through my window without me waking up, climb up the harpoon gun shaft, slit my throat without me making a sound or knowing, and then get the rest of my family.”

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