Cobbers get creative with team names Intramural basketball at Concordia is underway. Men’s and women’s basketball began last week with games being played in Olson Forum and Memorial Auditorium on Monday through Thursday nights. Students can form their own teams and create their own team names, and many have gottenContinue Reading

Although many of us are already counting down the days until we can go outside without having to bundle up, three fellow Cobbers are embracing the cold. These individuals have grown up enjoying the chilling months because freezing temperatures means they can go ice fishing. Ever since senior Chris RudContinue Reading

Whether its aiming to lose a couple of pounds, stay at a current weight, try something new such as a 10K or just remain healthy, many Concordia students have reevaluated their lifestyles and are attempting to stick to healthy lifestyles for the new year. Cobbers are making healthy lifestyle changesContinue Reading

From being present for sporting events, homecoming weekend, family weekend and various activities throughout the year, Kernel Cobb has become a Concordia tradition. Where does all that energy and spunk come from? Fellow Cobbers, of course. Through their dedication and non-stop attendance, Kernel Cobb has become the life of theContinue Reading

People often think of technology in terms of entertainment or social media. But have you ever wondered how technology could improve your health? Three Concordia students on campus use three different phone apps to enhance their workouts. These apps include Yoga Studio, Nike+ Running and MyFitnessPal. Delaney McKay uses YogaContinue Reading

Cobber athletes are determined to have successful seasons across the board Many athletes believe that having a strategic practice regime is crucial to a team’s success. Not only do these regimes enable athletes to prepare for upcoming meets, they also enable Cobber athletes to be one step ahead of theContinue Reading

It is roller derby season, and this year marks the fifth season that the Fargo-Moorhead derby girls have been competing. Brown hall director Laura Zeiher, also known as Larazzor, became interested in joining the F-M roller derby league after attending a bout. “I went to my first bout last spring,”Continue Reading

Family, presents, cold weather and food all come along with the holiday season. But with fewer opportunities to spend time outdoors and more events with fatty and sugary foods, how can students work to stay healthy? Many Concordia students take the opportunity to go home over the holidays and celebrateContinue Reading

Concordia assistant baseball coach and Fargo native Chris Coste has had a magnificent baseball career that has taken him many places. Coste played college baseball at Concordia under long-time head coach Bucky Burgau for three years before going on to play five seasons of independent baseball. After making a stopContinue Reading

Concordia students enjoy a variety of physical activities to stay healthy As the end of the semester approaches, assignments have started piling up. Along with this, the amount of stress students are feeling has skyrocketed. Several students at Concordia are committed to a fitness routine, but they make sure toContinue Reading