Flat tire? No problem. Loose bolt? Easy fix. A bike shelter for COBBikes with a fix-it station for everybody’s use was installed outside of Knutson Campus Center this summer. The shelter was made to house the bicycles and to act as a landmark for where they are located. COBBikes isContinue Reading

“The Concordia Emergency Operations Plan utilizes the National Incident Management System and Incident Command System template to manage all college emergencies. The design of this plan is intended to be easily understood and incorporated by every member of the campus community. A copy of the plan is available at theContinue Reading

A campus chapter of Young Americans for Liberty, a political activism organization, has been started at Concordia, Ian Lane, the president of the chapter, said. According to Lane, Young Americans for Liberty is a national organization whose primary goal is to educate and motivate young people to get involved inContinue Reading

Faculty Senate plan to incorporate more integrative experiences in curriculum To embellish the Concordia ideology of BREW, faculty, administration and students have been devising a potential curriculum change that would push students outside the classroom several times throughout their academic career. At the Faculty Senate meeting on Sept. 21, facultyContinue Reading

DS staff and budget have lowered, forcing Dining Services to limit food options Anderson Commons offers students a variety of food options — anywhere from chicken strips to gluten-free vegetarian dishes, but students may have noticed some recent changes. This year’s decline in student enrollment has forced dining services toContinue Reading

Music Faculty and students react to changes in ensembles Concordia, a school in which one-third of the student body is involved in musical activities, has increased private lesson fees and implemented choir and band ensemble fees this year. For the Concordia Orchestra, the Concordia Choir and the Concordia Band, anContinue Reading