SGA to host sex education week

Concordia’s Student Government Association (SGA) is “bringing sexy back” by setting up a week of activities focused on creating conversations about sex and body positivity, in the hopes of helping students feel more comfortable engaging in conversations on these topics. The week will consist of a movie night, a speaker, and games that students can be involved in.  

The plan to bringn a sex education week to campus started with a conversation about how sex education is not only not required in all states, but also is not the same across all states.  

“[Sex ed week] came about because some people don’t have access to good sex education in their high schools. Sex education is something everyone should have, but some people don’t,” Programs and Events Commissioner Georgia Wachtler said.

Members of SGA took further steps with this conversation, creating a week where students will be able to have conversations about sex in the hopes of helping students become more comfortable with these conversations.Junior Class Representative Sophie Newcomb explained that they wanted to create conversations about sex and body positivity in a way that is not just comfortable, but also enjoyable. 

The week will start off with a movie night on Monday, February 24. The movie will be 17 Again. On Tuesday, there will be games in the atrium throughout the day that will be put together by SGA and Students United for Reproductive Freedom (SURF). On Wednesday, February 26, there will be a speaker from Planned Parenthood at 7 PM in Jones A/B. There will be more games in the atrium on Thursday, including cornhole. The week ends with a body positivity campaign right before spring break. SGA will be having photographers come in and take headshots.
Member at Large Ian Scheele, also a member of the planning committee, mentioned the importance of education in decision making, especially related to sex.

“ Most people do it, so I think it’s important for people to do it safely. It’s also for people to have safe conversations about it. It’s not just a week for people having sex. It’s a week for people to become more comfortable with it. It’s so people can make good decisions for themselves and others,” Scheele said.

This week is meant to be a source of information for students who are faced with many different situations, whether or not they are having sex.

“Whether it be students needing confidence or guidance in how to say “no” if put in an uncomfortable position, how to be consensual, or why it is important to use protection, not only to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but for protection against STDs — we feel that it is not a privilege, but a right, to have access to information and people to answer questions regarding sex and body image,” Newcomb said.

SGA is excited for the “Bringing Sexy Back” sex education week, and wants students to feel comfortable with the conversations that will happen surrounding sex and body positivitiy. 

“You don’t have to feel ashamed about going. I know that sex is a hard topic for some people, but don’t be ashamed of the activities,” Watchler said.

This week of February 24th through the 28th will be a week for students to engage in conversations about sexual health and body image. SGA is working to make this week as fun and comfortable as possible. 

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