Concordia Band postpones tour to Japan

The aftermath of the earthquake in Japan March 27 has hit closer to home as the Concordia Band has canceled their international trip this May. Last night, band director Dr. Scott Jones informed the band that the trip will be postponed to 2012 due to United States Department of Travel restrictions placed on some of the areas the band was scheduled to travel to.

“To give everyone time to make good decisions, we needed to make a call at this moment,” Associate Dean for Global Learning Per Anderson said. “The travel warning that is currently in force indicates that United States citizens should defer nonessential travel.”

While not all areas the band was scheduled to travel to were under these restrictions, many of the areas around Tokyo are affected by this warning and ultimately affected the decision that was made Monday.

“It is with heavy hearts and regrets, but we have to be cautious,” Anderson said.

For more information, watch the website or see the Concordian Friday, April 15.

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