A Look Inside a Concordian’s Closet

I swear that the longer I go to school here the more ridiculous things I notice. For instance, clothes which I already notice fairly regularly, are becoming more and more apparent to me. And here at Concordia, I can say we are all some pretty sexy-looking kids. So, I cannot help but notice a few things that everyone has. Like the ubiquitous cartoon anvil of yesteryear, here are a few things that are absolutely e’erwhere.

If you do not have plaid, you do not go here. I own around 8 plaid shirts and probably have more at home hidden in the abyss I call my closet. It is a guy/girl outfit and everyone looks good in plaid, so no wonder we dressy-folk like it so much.

Scarves are, again, a guy/girl piece of clothing that I like to call my friend. A scarf can make you look put together in a second. Put on pants, a Target v-neck and a scarf, and you are looking fly. It makes you look like you put so much more thought into your outfit than you actually did.

On that note, let us discuss the entity that is a v-neck on Concordia’s campus. I am sure Target practically runs out when we all come back to our home in August.

The epitome of our lives, men, women, moms, dads, profs… everybody on this campus is getting tapered. I’m talking skinny jeans, people. I love skinny jeans because they are the most comfy thing I own. And for all you girls out there on a cheap mission, Forever 21 has jeans for $13.50. Best day ever.

Ray-bans are the quintessential lens for the squints. Now, I have had glasses for around 17 years, and I can justify buying glasses that are overpriced. Well, that and my dad has full optical coverage so they are super cheap to us. Yet still my favorite pair of glasses has to be my wayfarer Ray-Bans. Never will I ever grow tired of this look.

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