Snow keeps spring sports inside

While the calendars may say that it’s spring, winter weather conditions persist at Concordia. For the tennis, baseball and softball teams, this has meant a change of schedule. Non-stop snow and sleet have left all three teams practicing indoors and canceling games.

Submitted photo. Softball practiced on the field for the first time this season on Tuesday. Spring sports teams had been unable to get outdoor practice time until recently due to wintery weather conditions.

Despite having to share Memorial’s courts with baseball and softball, senior tennis player Chelise McGraw feels the tennis team hasn’t had to change there schedule too much because they can hold practice at indoor courts. However, they do want to get some outdoor time.

“We like to practice at different outdoor courts before matches,” McGraw said. “Since these courts are outside, it’s been difficult to schedule and plan these extra practices.”

With limited access to the baseball field, the team is having trouble training certain players and developing certain skills. Freshman infielder Phil Kuball said that the team’s outfielders have been unable to get the distance practice they need and that the team as a whole has had trouble developing their skills catching pop flies.

Scheduling has been difficult for softball, junior outfielder Heather Jonasson said.

“We have to work our schedules around the weather, which can be tough with classes and work,” Jonasson said. “Time management is definitely something we, as student athletes, have to stay on top of.”

Despite being limited to the small court area in Olson Forum for practices, the baseball team has still had some fun.

“Besides that it’s been repetitive, we’ve been able to overcome it, and we’re playing really well,” Kuball said. “We’ve been able to make it exciting and fun.”

Tennis has been able to keep their spirits high by looking forward to the future.

“We would love to be able to hold at least one match at our outdoor courts, and we are hoping the snow melts fast so we are able to do so,” senior Olivia DeLeon said.

According to softball coach Michael Reese, snow removal has begun but will take some time.

“It will take the next two weeks for the remaining snow to melt and the field to be prepared for the season,” Reese said.  “We are also now rescheduling MIAC conference games for the following week.”

This past week, the weather began its slow transition into spring. Snow removal has been taking place all week, and much of the snow covering the athletic fields has melted with the help of the rising temperatures.

As of this Tuesday, April 2, teams were back on the field. Baseball had it’s first outdoor practice on Tuesday, and softball had theirs on Wednesday. Though the field isn’t completely clear yet, Jonasson was still happy to play outside.

“It was good to get outside to throw the ball around a little bit and have all that space to move,” Jonasson said.

All three teams will continue practicing indoors until all of the snow is gone. When the warmer weather hits, the spring sports teams will take the field and start their 2013 outdoor season. Though this may be a couple of weeks, all the players are looking forward to playing outside.

“I can’t wait to play the game the way it’s suppose to be played,” Jonasson said.

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