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app-reviewCollege students have so much going on in their lives. Class, choir, sports, and the many clubs on campus. It seems like everyone is proud of how busy they are. But, what if there was something that could make your life just a bit easier? Evernote does just that.

Evernote is an app available for almost any device. It allows you to write down notes, make a checklist, or plan a trip. You can even clip entire web pages to be saved in the app. Basically, anything you want to remember and can type up on your phone or tablet can be kept in the app. It’s an online planner for classes, a grocery list, a study guide, or a to-do list. After the list or information is typed in, you can go online and access everything at any time. Add a note in class on your computer and poof! It appears on your phone. Take a picture with your phone and there it is on your computer.

I have been using Evernote for a few months and have loved almost every minute. It has made my life easier because my phone is almost always with me, unlike my planner, which seems to hide in random corners. The app is smooth and easy to use. Worrying about it saving doesn’t happen because it automatically saves every few minutes. Switching between making a checklist of groceries to reviewing notes from class in just as easy as a few touches. Then, I can grab my phone and run to the store. I no longer spend forever in Target because I lost my checklist.

Yet, there are a few things that I don’t love. The screen on phones is small, so it is harder to type long notes. But, for longer notes there is the option of using a computer. Also, sometimes it takes a few times of refreshing the page on the computer for the notes to appear.

Overall, I would recommend the app. Each time it updates things become smoother and there are new ways to use Evernote in day-to-day  life. Visit the website here, or visit the app store on your phone or tablet! Try it out for yourself. It’s free and you have nothing to lose except wasted time.


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