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The deeper value of spring break

KellyOpinion1Doing it all takes a lot of energy

Today, we like to do it all: Be on several committees, have multiple jobs, socialize and, oh yeah, go to school. Few individuals are more managed than others while some contribute their energy so thin that exhaustion soon consumes them. As Cobbers, this seems all too common. We look at what we have achieved, and we always want to be achieving more. Striving for greatness, however, is not always bad. Can stress be a positive motivator? Perhaps. It depends on how you view the world.

Do you tend to think the glass is half-empty or half-full? The way we view the world, aka our perception, guides our decisions, rational thinking and actions towards life. I find myself having a more positive outlook on life. Do you?

Being positive is more than displaying happiness or being peppy. Rather, it creates meaning in our life that is a useful tool that surpasses just a smile. It allows an individual to sense new possibilities and keep an open mind. Negative emotions do the opposite. They prohibit us from moving forward and leave us in a dwelling lull. This is nothing new, but often, it is overlooked.

Throughout our time at Concordia, prior and beyond, obstacles may occur. They may be small or large hurdles, each with their new set of challenges to get by. Every case may be different and require unique approaches to solve them. These hurdles, however, are important life lessons and are often humbling. They make us see the world in a new light. Don’t underestimate the power of a positive outlook; seeing the world as good, not entirely bad.

Our youth seems to beat time momentarily. Yet, when our health runs low, relationships and grades may suffer. Realizing an individual’s limit is fundamental. We cannot do it all, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. It is important to remember we are not perfect. Although we may want to be, it shouldn’t create a negative impact on our overall well-being and happiness toward life. How then does one think positive?

Embrace your community, acknowledge your mentors and work to make a significant impact. No matter the path we choose, greatness will find our way. Our efforts, either big or small contribute and mold ours as well as others future. Reevaluating your life is not a bad thing; it opens up new doors. Remember, change is good. All will be well. Let your mind guide you through, and have a positive outlook on moving forward in life.

In the midst of the semester, our brains run tired and the anticipated spring break sits heavy on our mind. Many of us travel, whether it’s abroad, back home, for service or for fun. Use this time to reflect, seek new opportunities and believe in making the unknown work. Rejuvenate the soul and find yourself again. The remaining of the semester will only get busier, but view it as a positive challenge that you can conquer. Rest up Cobbers, enjoy spring break and look forward to furthering our education upon our return.

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