The world is different now; with the introduction of democracies and the United Nations, our thoughts about wars and diplomacy have progressed. Intolerance of ethnic and racial differences has diminished considerably in this century, and, most importantly, people are beginning to understand that nations don’t cause wars; it is usContinue Reading

Social Justice’s annual Hunger Banquet, which was held Nov. 19, brought students together to learn about and discuss the ever-present issues of hunger and homelessness. The event centered around a meal which varied depending on which group guests were seated at. Entering guests were asked to draw a slip ofContinue Reading

This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Joe Marion, BREW Week Co-founder at Concordia College. BREW Week 2011 has come and passed, and it has left many of us thinking about issues that surround us every day. Campus Service Commission did an outstanding job collaborating, organizing and hosting aContinue Reading

It doesn’t take long for Cobbers to become acquainted with the term BREW. Becoming Responsibly Engaged in the World is one of the most prominent callings that Concordia instills into its students, and multiple student organizations have turned the week of Nov. 14-18 into just that. Making only its secondContinue Reading

This article was submitted by Erin Prochnow, YWCA Cass-Clay Executive Director. Violence of every kind is sent out across newsprint, television and computer monitors, radio airwaves and cell phone screens daily. And as the disturbing snapshots grab your attention, you can bet some of the victims are people you know,Continue Reading