Family Weekend is a time of introduction between two families. Students arrive on campus and either create, revive or maintain friendships. One month into school, Family Weekend welcomes students’ families to join the campus community to get a sense of student life. Junior Courtney Backen, the chair of Family Weekend,Continue Reading

Concordia’s Student Government Association has a new committee this year that will be devoted to sustainability on the college’s campus. “It was pretty apparent that (sustainability) was a big part of student life and something that needed to be addressed,” SGA Sustainability Commissioner Kristina Kaupa said. SGA president Levi BachmeierContinue Reading

My cobber kids, I need to let you know something. No matter how wise I may seem, I am still an idiot. Many reasons contribute to this like that phase in high school when slapping someone hello was okay or when I thought a baby-doll tee was super cute onContinue Reading

Christiana Hennings, a sophomore at Concordia, was sitting next to her friend as they submitted a statement about her to an anonymous source on Facebook. “Christiana Hennings is the hottest girl on campus. #noticeme,” they wrote on March 12. The statement was copied and pasted from the submission onto theContinue Reading

It has long been said that the Student Government Association is an irrelevant organization, visible only at election time. For the most part, they are exactly right. There is no point in arguing something that is true more often than not. Of course, many responses could contest such a core-cuttingContinue Reading

Concordia students should not count on being affected by this year’s flood due to decent weather conditions and the city’s infrastructure upgrades. The Red River has created significant troubles for Fargo-Moorhead residents in recent years, with the most serious flood cresting at 40.8 feet in 2009. “Everyone’s getting prepared, butContinue Reading