As Concordia’s new science building — the Integrated Science Center — is being constructed, the Art Committee and Office of Sustainability have commissioned a piece of art to be displayed in an entirely solar-powered space inside the building. The goal is to increase awareness of solar power, as well asContinue Reading

Walking through the atrium last week, Concordia students took advantage of a unique opportunity to create their own pieces of art.  Bottles of acrylic paint, a cup of dirty water, used paintbrushes, scraps of fabric and an old novel sat on the table before them.  The students were given funny-shapedContinue Reading

April 18 and 19 was a great success for many students, especially due to the diverse presentations at this year’s Celebration of Student Scholarship. Just like other students, we have been looking forward to showcasing our work since we started creating it a few months ago. For our main ceramicsContinue Reading