Editor’s note: Anyone struggling with grief or hardship should contact the Center for Holistic Health at holistichealth@cord.edu or Campus Ministry at campuspastors@cord.edu.   MOORHEAD — On the corner outside of Academy and Grose Halls, Concordia dedicated a young bur oak tree to the late Johnathan Steinwand on a crisp Tuesday autumn morning.   “IContinue Reading

The state of environmentalism in the United States, as well as abroad, has reached a crucial crossroads. For decades the political left has promoted, influenced and instituted positive policy in regards to climate change and the safety and well-being of our environment. The political polarization of issues regarding environmental policyContinue Reading

Happy end of the school year, Cobbers! Most of the articles I have written this year have tried to tackle the question of what good action towards becoming a sustainable society means. At the end of this year I can confidently say that after writing countless articles about it, I’mContinue Reading

Do you like McDonald’s french fries? Do you like the Offutt School of Business? Do you like Minnesota farmers? I hope you answered yes to at least one of those questions. Though the scope of those three things seems pretty broad, there is a significant correlation between them that shouldContinue Reading

The complexities of studying the environment Perplexing and thought-provoking, environmental studies is an intricate interdisciplinary subject, in which varies in methods and beliefs on how to tackle these sometimes daunting issues. Environmental issues, however, have been around for decades and often require urgency, thorough planning and sometimes-radical viewpoints. I oftenContinue Reading

Disconnection from our roots can lead individuals to become ecologically illiterate. We occupy, consume and ruin the soil beneath our feet. Concrete and technology have become our niche, and human society has become selfish. Our latest worries are consumed by our looks, how many likes or favorites our posts receive,Continue Reading

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Last year’s campaign to eliminate disposable water bottles on Concordia’s campus is beginning to show results. In response to students’ interest in sustainability, the President’s Sustainability Council collaborated with campus administrators, such as those in Dining Services, and decided to take action. Dining Services associate director Janet Paul and theContinue Reading

Whenever gas prices skyrocket, Americans suddenly become interested in our country’s dependence on foreign fossil fuels. A dramatic price jump is enough to force families to reconsider their taking separate cars to work and school or an afternoon run to Starbucks. Elected officials also become aware of their dissatisfaction. ForContinue Reading