The complexities of studying the environment Perplexing and thought-provoking, environmental studies is an intricate interdisciplinary subject, in which varies in methods and beliefs on how to tackle these sometimes daunting issues. Environmental issues, however, have been around for decades and often require urgency, thorough planning and sometimes-radical viewpoints. I oftenContinue Reading

I often get the question “Why is organic food so expensive?” We’ve all been to a supermarket or local co-op and purchased groceries. As college students we focus on cost, which usually tends to be whatever is lightest on the wallet and the necessity goods like care products, medicine, etc.Continue Reading

Cobber water

Last year’s campaign to eliminate disposable water bottles on Concordia’s campus is beginning to show results. In response to students’ interest in sustainability, the President’s Sustainability Council collaborated with campus administrators, such as those in Dining Services, and decided to take action. Dining Services associate director Janet Paul and theContinue Reading

To the over 50 students, staff, and faculty that Occupied Lorentzsen on Tuesday, March 12th: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” This quote, attributed to Margaret Mead, has never been more relevantContinue Reading

Six years ago, Peter Schultz and his wife, Darcie, purchased a 160-acre piece of land. What was initially meant to be an investment soon became a full-fledged restoration project. They rolled the land into the Wetlands Reserve Program, and their parcel, named Longspur Prairie, now connects three different sections toContinue Reading

A passerby may glance at 682 Sixth St. S. and believe it’s just another college house; last year they would have been right. This year, however, that house has been transformed into Concordia College’s new EcoHouse. On Oct. 4, the house will be officially introduced to Concordia and the Fargo-MoorheadContinue Reading