Okay, everyone, I’m finally going to write about the one faction of Concordia that really grinds my gears. I’ve been too afraid to write about them for a while now – some of them are even my friends! Maybe I just don’t understand them entirely! It’s not like they getContinue Reading

The vocal department at Concordia is going to see a new face in their lineup come the fall of 2017. The department is preparing to begin the search to find a replacement for Dr. Jonathan Lasch, current assistant professor of voice. The faculty began to prepare for the application processContinue Reading

Roberts hopes to increase focus on international and interdisciplinary options In the intense debate that will likely crop up over which of Concordia’s two coffee shops is best, John Roberts, the new chair of the college’s music department, might side with the newly opened, Starbucks-serving The BREW in the OffuttContinue Reading

Concordia’s music and athletic departments get a significant amount of attention around campus. As a liberal arts school that emphasizes involvement, students may wonder if there is much difference between the two departments’ budgets. Concordia’s new athletic director, Rich Glas, is learning the ropes of the athletic department’s budget. WhenContinue Reading

Call it a homecoming of sorts. Two people graduated college and left to pursue their careers in different places, and two separate job openings brought them back to the place where they started. Peter Haberman and Michael Culloton graduated from Concordia College just one year apart from each other. HousedContinue Reading