DAPL visibly opposed by Student Environmental Alliance “Water is life, water is life!” the college students shouted as they walked along 8th Street. They held their hand-painted cardboard signs high, expressing “We stand with Standing Rock,” “Oil is not sustainable,” “Protect water, protect life” and more. Passerbyers stopped and stared,Continue Reading

Last week, approximately 300 students signed a petition to stop the sale of Cobber Water on Concordia’s campus. The Student Environmental Alliance promoted this petition throughout Feb. 4-7, aiming to make a positive change on campus. Throughout the week, events were held that focused on working toward an environmentally friendlyContinue Reading

Squash, potatoes, mushrooms, honey, beans, dips, syrups and flour will all be available for purchase in the Knutson Campus Center on Nov. 20. Concordia College will host its fourth annual 100-Mile Thanksgiving, in association with local farmers and several student groups, with the goal of teaching the local community aboutContinue Reading