MOORHEAD – On Tuesday, Sept 26, the Student Government Association (SGA) hosted their elections for two first year representatives. Candidates for the positions included Sumaya Abukar, George French, Rachel Huynh and Ari Williams.   According to the SGA website, students interested in running must have attended the SGA interest meeting onContinue Reading

After a record vot- ing turnout, nearly dou- ble of last year’s, Rachael Schauer and Molly Aga were named Concordia’s Student Body President and Vice President. According to Grace Hoffa, the 2016 Spring Elections Marshal, Schau- er and Aga won in a land- slide 574 votes, while Jus- tin OdneyContinue Reading

It has long been said that the Student Government Association is an irrelevant organization, visible only at election time. For the most part, they are exactly right. There is no point in arguing something that is true more often than not. Of course, many responses could contest such a core-cuttingContinue Reading

Monday night, Concordia Student Government Association (SGA) passed an official position regarding the upcoming marriage amendment vote.  Part of the position reads SGA “encourages a vote ‘no’ on the proposed marriage amendment taking place on November 6.”  This is the first time, in known history, that SGA has adopted anContinue Reading

Student Government Association President Meg Henrickson and the rest of her staff were officially installed into office on April 4. Since the installment ceremony, Henrickson and the new Vice President Colin Sullivan have been working to get to know students and staff across campus. Sullivan explained that they are “continuingContinue Reading

The Parke Student Leadership Center, located upstairs in the Knutson Campus Center, is currently in the process of being remodeled. The remodel will allow for the relocation of offices for some staff on campus. The remodel, which cost around $50,000, began over mid-semester break in order to be the leastContinue Reading