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Americans around the country are counting down the days until ‘House of Cards’ returns. Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’ was just renewed for a third season. Sorkin’s most famous show, ‘The West Wing’ goes down in history as one of America’s greatest television series. Politically-themed television shows are incredibly popular andContinue Reading

Welcome back kids! We’re in full swing: I am already doing philosophy research and have already successfully forgotten about my Astronomy lab this Tuesday! Anyway, beyond the boring school things, I need to tell you about two gems: “Catfish” and “Buckwild.” One time I wrote about TV hate spirals. ThisContinue Reading

We all have our vices. For some it’s video games, others it’s a controlled substance, and if you’re like me, you can’t get through the morning without a can of Diet Coke. Nobody’s perfect. While I can safely say that I have several bad habits, probably one of my biggestContinue Reading

Friday night, eight o’clock and I’m waiting for a show to start up that I will watch again. Hi Cobbers, here I am, a TV obsessed individual. When I was a kid TV was my babysitter. It was cheap, fun and all could be heard in every room in ourContinue Reading