Concordia College will participate in World Interfaith Harmony Week, a nationally recognized week overseen by the United Nations, from Feb. 5-9. Better Together, The Forum on Faith and Life, Concordia’s two interfaith scholars, and the Office of Ministry came together to make Interfaith Week at Concordia happen. “Interfaith week isContinue Reading

In 1920, a bold idea was hatched to bring the world together. After the calamity of the Great War, countries were in ruin and there was discord still lingering in the air. In an attempt to heal the world and bring the nations closer together in unity and peace, theContinue Reading

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Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, has given hope to the world that Iran will cooperate with the global community to remove any “reasonable concerns” over the Iranian nuclear program. However, as moderate and cooperative as he seems, the world has been watching—to no avail—for a handshake between Rouhani and ObamaContinue Reading

Just a few months ago in September, I wrote a piece for The Concordian Politics called “Charting a Course”. The gist of the piece was basically the idea that the United States needs to disabuse itself of the notion that it can unilaterally shape the affairs of the world to its liking.Continue Reading