Write for The Concordian

Editoral Staff
Emma Garton, Editor-In-Chief
Brittney Vance, News Editor
Anna Weier, Variety Editor
Eli Swanson & Brady Drake, Sports Editors
Elaine Laliberte, Opinion Editor
Emma Garton, Web Editor
Emma Garton, Copy Editor
Anna Knutson, Photographer
Erin Hemme Froslie, Faculty Advisor

Writing Staff
Halie Weaving, News Writer
Andrew Swartchick, Variety Writer
Annie Weier, Variety Writer
Ingrid Harbo, Variety Writer
Wai Phyo Than, Sports Writer
Eli Swanson, Sports Writer
Joshua Fuller, Opinion Writer
Linden Stave, Opinion Writer
Elaine Laliberte, Opinion Writer

Puthy Kun, Business Manager
Trenton Austvold, Advertising Manager
William Craft, Publisher

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