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Editoral Staff
Regan Whitney, Editor-In-Chief
Kaia Miller, Managing Editor
Sean Plemmons, News Editor
Amber Morgan, Variety Editor
Jen Swenson, Sports Editor
Jacob Amos, Opinions Editor
Emilie Bowman, Web Editor
Kathleen Perry, Copy Editor
Cathy McMullen, Faculty Advisor

Writing Staff
Alicia Auch
Allie Smeeth
Aubrey Schield
Austin Gerth
Colin Sullivan
Geneva Nemzek
Karen Besonen
Katelyn Henagin
Kelly Knutson
Mark Melby
Mykayla Zwiener
Quinn Kragenbring

Photography and Art
Morgan Schleif, Photography Editor/Graphic Designer
Mary Hanson, Comic Artist
Bobby Person, Photographer

Jacob Amos, Business Manager
Kelsey Drayton, Advertising Manager
William Craft, Publisher

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