Annual Cobber drag show

Sean Fee dressed as Beverly Pills during the drag show. Photo by Maddie Malat.


Students dressed for the occasion and strut their stuff down the catwalk at the annual Concordia Drag show Saturday Feb. 10.

According to Lindsay Galbraith, a student who attended the show, over $1350 was donated to Kaleidoscope, a fundraiser that supports 13 to 18 year old children in the LGBT community in the F-M area.

Her favorite performer was Josh Palmquist.

“His drag queen name is Slim Jim Barb, and he performed “All That Jazz from Chicago” and killed it,” Galbraith said.

Josh Palmquist performs “All That Jazz” with pizazz at the drag show. Photo by Maddie Malat.

Palmquist loves performing for the drag show, because of his love of performing and his admiration for the cause it supports. He felt the donations from a drag show couldn’t have picked a better fundraiser to support than Kaleidoscope.

Palmquist was in a trio act last year with Jon Wells and Tyler Eliason. He cherishes that memory and though it would be fun to put on a solo act at this year’s drag show.

“It was a complete blast to perform, but I have known how much I love performing for a long time,” Palmquist said.

A few other Cobbers who performed in the drag show were Sean Fee, Melissa Thurn and Leah Jensen.

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