Gaming Law: Console or PC?

Greetings console jockeys and PC elitists, today I will be settling the age old debate of which is better: Console or PC? This battle has been around since the dawn of gaming time, when people would have long winded debates on the merits of each gaming system. Now, in 2020, there are a litany of systems to consider and use. But the argument stays the same. So today I will be debating the economics of each gaming platform and the exclusive benefits of each.

First, I will look at the economics of gaming. On average, a gaming tower will cost between $700 and $1,000. Compared to an Xbox or PS4, which ranges between $250 to $500, it is clear that consoles have the advantage of economics. PC gaming has the problem of needing additional necessities, such as a good and reliable mouse and keyboard, which can add another couple hundred dollars, depending on the quality a gamer is looking for. However, there is one economic edge that a tower has where the consoles fall short. Xbox and PS4 require gamers to pay monthly for online services to play games, while PC just uses platforms to play games off of free of charge for online services. This can add up, and depending on the longevity of the console, can sometimes equalize or exceed the price of a decent tower set up. But overall, if economics is the swaying point, then consoles have won the first round.

 Next are the exclusive benefits each system has. There are a few categories that I will be judging on. The first is the content of games each system has to offer that the other systems cannot access. Xbox has Halo, PS4 has Horizon Zero Dawn, while PC tends to have access to other console games but nothing of consequence that is exclusive to PC. Console games have the advantage in this category as software companies can pander directly to console and then add modifications for the use in PC. The next exclusive benefit that the systems have is VR usage. Currently, PS4 is trailblazing the path of VR, with the Oculus making waves for PC. Unfortunately, there are no good options for Xbox at the moment, meaning that that consoles and PC tie out. The final benefit is portability. While consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox need to be planted to work and pc towers are similar, console does currently have the leg up in my opinion. With the release of the Nintendo Switch, console games have become more accessible from someone’s back pocket. However, in overall raw gaming capabilities, PCs are making a rise with gaming laptops. Lenovo and Alienware have all brilliant gaming laptops one can purchase. And while the Nintendo is portable, it lacks a massive variety of games that gaming pcs can offer. This round goes to the pcs.

So who is the winner of the long fought winner? As cliche as it might sound, I believe both win. The purpose of gaming is not to say which system is better, it is meant to bring together people from different climes to enjoy an experience together, in whichever median they might choose. Each system has so much to offer, and the fact there are so many choices shows the healthiness of the gaming community. 

That’s it for today folks! So until next time, always bring health potions and be weary of dark scary caves!

-The Law


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