Students find ways to fill sudden free time

When students learned that they will have more free time over the rest of the semester, they had to figure out a way to spend that time doing things that they wouldn’t otherwise. This can be difficult for some students, but there are plenty of things to help pass the time, and Cobbers are doing that in many different ways.  

Students should  reevaluate how they do their schoolwork. Without the deadlines that are put in by school, students can put more energy into more independent learning and grow increasingly involved in their schoolwork. Outside of their assigned work, students can ask themselves what sparks their curiosity. Just like college students explore their interests through writing research papers, high school students can devote more time and creative to essays and research products. The end result of this will not only be improved academic skills like writing and research, but also increased self-awareness and intellectual curiosity. 

If improving academically isn’t your thing, you could catch up on “The Bachelor” or re-watch “The Office” or “Friends” for the sixth time. No matter how many times you see the show you’ve binged on a loop for years, it isn’t going to magically bring them back. You know that you’ll never get closure about what was written on that note Jim gave to Pam, but there’s something in the nostalgia of rewatching old favorites that is just so much more satisfying than starting anything on the never-ending list of new Netflix recommendations. There will be plenty of time to watch Pam and Jim’s love grow before your eyes.  

For students going home, time with family might be important. In this difficult and chaotic time, going home, eating a home-cooked meal, and having game night with the family can be very relaxing and recharging. Senior Madi Shae Thompson is planning on going home to spend time with family and play with her parent’s new bulldog puppy.  

Another senior, Erik Belz said “I’m excited to get to spend some more time with family and put more focus on my plans after graduation.” 

This is on most soon to be graduates’ minds. Now that there is extra time, seniors can take advantage and prepare for life after graduation. There is more time to scan LinkedIn for jobs that best suit them. There is more time to get their resumes just right and give their cover letters a little extra fluff to sell themselves enough.   

If  going to school beyond Concordia is your plan, then there is now more time to get ready for that. Micah Johnson is going to use some of his free time to study the Bible to get ready to go to seminary in the fall.  But not all of that time will be spent studying.

“With no sports anymore, I’m going to play through the NBA Playoffs on 2K to find out the Finals Champion,” Johnson said.  

Like Johnson, some students are sad without sports being played and are finding other ways to get their sports fix.  

Jackson Booth is planning on reading a book that wasn’t assigned to him.

“It’s been awhile since I was able to read a book that wasn’t assigned to me, so I’m planning to lay back and enjoy it,” he said.  

While this is a time of uncertainty and stress, it is important to keep doing what you enjoy along with keeping on with schoolwork. Spending time with family or friends in small groups is a great way to stay positive and relax in a time of unknown. Plan a game night or movie marathon. Be thankful to be together and enjoy time together. 


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