Rowan’s Rant

This column marks my last as a member of the Concordian, and starts the first of many lasts for me at Concordia. As I look back at my time as a Cobber, the thing I am going to miss most is the people here. This space I receive each week to write my column is the most public way to thank the people who have impacted my time at Concordia.

I am currently working the Frozen Four in St. Paul and as I drove to my parent’s home in Farmington, I have to start first by thanking Jim Cella, Concordia’s Sports Information Director.

Jim is the reason I am working the Frozen Four this week and my time here could not have been completed with his help. When I emailed him as a little freshman looking for some work, I had no idea our relationship would develop into one in which I consider Jim, as Sid Hartman would say, a close personal friend. The amount of work Jim does as SID of this college is insane, and while this is certainly not enough, thank you Jim for the time you’ve invested in me personally and the time you put in as SID. Concordia is lucky to have you.

For those of you who never had the opportunity to deal with the Academic Enhancement Center, you may not know who Amy Sannes is. From day one when I was admitted with the status conditional admittance and had to take a class taught by Amy, our relationship has turned into a friendship that will certainly last a lifetime. Every time I slipped off the beaten path, Amy was there to lead me back and I can’t even begin to think where I’d be without her.

From here I move onto the members of the Career Center and in particular, Jay Thoreson, Kathleen Stompro and Kelly Binfet. Those of you who chose to deal with the Career Center for job search help, resume assistance or enrolling in a Co-op maybe dealt with these individuals a few times and that was it. I kept in contact. In fact, I make a regular visits to the Career Center specifically to see these people. For all the job posting emails to the little talks here and there with all three, thanks for the all work you’ve done for me.

To name one athletic coach at Concordia in particular would do the rest injustice, but to not mention Bob Kohler would almost be a sin. Over the last two years, I’ve gotten to know Bob to the point that I consider him a life coach. The things he has gone through in his life are too much for one person to go through in 10 lifetimes, but Coach just moves forward with a genuinely positive attitude and outlook on life. The wisdom and advice I’ve taken from him are second to none.

For the secretaries in the Athletic Department, Darla Ward and Deb Peschong, thank you for putting up with my missed punches and the need to write my hours down in the “Nate Book.” To all the coaches who have dealt with my unannounced visits to their office that turn into hour-long conversations, thank you for those. Most of you are not aware how much I needed some of those talks.

To not thank my advisor Cathy McMullen by name would be a sin in my eyes. Much like Amy, Cathy has been there to lead me back on the right path and her knowledge in the classroom and as a person is worth much more than this column can grant, but I tried.

There are so many more people I wish I could thank by name today. If I left you out, please don’t feel I neglected our time together, I simply ran out of space. One of my favorite quotes is “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.” For everyone I mentioned and for those I didn’t have time to acknowledge, thank you for the lasting impact you have made on me.

It’s a great day to be a Cobber, now and forever.


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