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Concordia hosts annual poster sale

MOORHEAD — On Friday, Sept. 8, there was a drastic improvement to the look of Cobbers’ dorm rooms. Why? It’s because of the back-to-school event: the poster sale. 

Every year, the Office of Student Engagement, the Student Government Association and the College Poster Sale Company—who put on similar events at colleges nationwide—collaborate to put on a massive poster sale. 

This annual event takes place in early Sept. and attracts a wide variety students each year. Perhaps due to the extremely wide variety of posters available.  

There are over 1000 different designs to choose from, according to the CPSC website. From Barbie posters, to vintage prints, to Harry Styles pics, there’s bound to be a poster everyone will enjoy. 

In recent years, the sale has become a must-go event for all students.  

“My sister came here before I did and she would talk about the poster sale,” senior Lauren Vouk said. “So when I came here my freshman year, I was excited to go.”  

The event attracts foot traffic because of its convenient location in the Knutson atrium. It’s an easily accessible spot for nearly everyone on campus Some students get sucked into the sale when they’re simply walking through Knutson, like sophomore Zander Redning did last year.  

“I kind of stumbled into it. I just walked in and there was all this stuff,” Redning said. 

“It’s kind of a fun thing to go look at what’s going on,” said first year student Jozie Shepherd. “It’s nice that you don’t have to go out looking for stuff.” 

There seems to be a unanimous attendee-retention rate as well. Both Vouk and Redning have checked the sale out every year they’ve been at Concordia. While this is Shepherd’s first time, she’s down to go again next year. “It seems pretty cool,” Shepard said. 

“(Poster sale weekend) is my favorite weekend,” said Vouk. And given the fantastic selection of posters and the convenience of the location, no one can say her hype isn’t unsubstantiated. 

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