Everybody’s chewing it

Look around you, I bet you could spot at least five people chewing gum. Either smacking it, blowing bubbles, or making that obnoxious popping noise. In elementary school it was the standard currency, unless your school banned it like mine did. In junior high it was a status symbol, then in high school it was common to hear “Does anyone have gum!?” shouted down the hallway. Now in college everyone is chewing it. The Korn Krib has every possible type and flavor. I see people comparing their gum in the Atrium, which always leads me to wonder why certain people choose the gum they do, and what their gum says about them.

Bubble Gum- Oh, the classic gum. From little kids experimenting with their first gum to adult gum chewing purists, this flavor appeals to many. Classic bubble gum has been chewed by every gum chewer out there. Traditional bubble gum reveals that you are a lover of classics. Your favorite book is probably “Gone with the Wind.” You most likely spend your time playing crossword puzzles and Yo-Yoing. You enjoy reminiscing about the days past and revel in your ability to refrain from change.

Eclipse/Dentyne Ice- With the little foil package that slides out to the bubble packaging, this gum screams high-end. It has an extreme minty flavor and claims to refresh your breath under extreme circumstances. It only comes 12 pieces to a pack, and the packaging makes the gum much more exciting. It is like bubble wrap with a surprise. The commercials for these gums involve peoples’ mouths freezing, or the ability to lure the opposite sex. These gums fortell that you enjoy extreme things. You probably free base rock climb in your sleep and jump from planes without a parachute. You shout when you talk, and you do not understand those who cry when they break bones.

Stride/5 Gum- These gums come in the double flip out packages – the first of their kind. Each of these brands has at least 10 flavors with names like Solstice, Cobalt, Uber Bubble and SHIFT. These gums are the revolutionaries of the gum industry. The packaging is simple and bright with relaxed graphics. These gums say that you are not afraid of change. How that change comes about is of no matter to you. In fact, you are probably one to initiate change. Your favorite things to do are make Facebook groups announcing your political feelings about issues, argue, and participate in awareness activities. You are impulsive in action, but thoughtful when you speak and like to have fun with large groups of people.

Although gum inhibits a mouth’s ability to speak, gum can say many things about a person. With its language of smacks, pops, and bubbles, what type of gum chewer are you?


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