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SIC’s gift to you

This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Mark Besonen, a Sophomore at Concordia College.

It’s that time of year again. Snow is on the horizon, people are beginning to break out their shopping lists and festiveness and cheer are starting to permeate the air. That’s right folks: its Christmas season again, a time for giving, peace on Earth and goodwill.

In this spirit, the Student Involvement Council, a committee that is part of the Student Government Association, has decided to give the students of Concordia College a gift this year. Soon, the Atrium will have a new decoration. A 15-foot tall Christmas tree will soon be set up on campus for your viewing pleasure and also to help make this time of year that much better.

Let me be absolutely and abundantly clear on one point: you are not paying for it. The money to purchase this tree was not taken out of the Student Activity Fee, nor is it coming out of your tuition in any way, shape, or form. SIC purchased this tree with its own money raised during a fundraiser. As a member of the council, I can validate that no money came from the SAF or tuition. This is our gift to you, the students, and that is all it is: a gift.

This tree will grace the Atrium for many years to come. It will make the campus look that much more beautiful, give hope to those looking for it and be a visible representation of the joy and happiness of Christmas. Regrettably, for much of the year, joy, peace, and happiness are in short supply. That makes Christmas all the more important, for it is a time when there truly is peace on Earth and goodwill.

So enjoy, Cobbers. Enjoy the season, enjoy the people, enjoy the sights and sounds and enjoy the feeling of Christmas. We of SIC hope that this Christmas tree will help you to have a better Christmas. This Christmas season, remember the importance of friends and family, and remember also the importance of the babe born in Bethlehem. Have a Merry Christmas, Concordia. Soli Deo Gloria.

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  1. Marcelo Marcelo February 4, 2012

    Ahhhh so what grade next year, I’m araifd I wasn’ t paying strict attention. I’m not going to guess because you know that’s just wrong.But ohhh schools out. Its a bittersweet thing isn’t it. Love the medallion. Your work continues to amaze and inspire.

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