Be on time

This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Lisa Bertrand, a Junior at Concordia College.

Tardiness is something we all can relate to, but it is almost always unacceptable.  Late students miss valuable information. And with ever-rising tuition costs, this habit of lateness becomes a costly one. This is an issue for the students who were on time as well. When an 8:00 AM class begins and only half the students are present, it’s hard to maintain focus with each late student’s arrival. And most of all, tardiness is rude to the professors.

An occasional late arrival may be overlooked, but when it becomes a habit (as it has for some students), something needs to change. Tardy students may not think showing up late is a big deal, but going to class is our current job. Tardiness now may result in a docked grade; however, tardiness in future jobs could result in docked pay or even loss of the job itself.  Let’s learn our lesson now, before the consequences are much greater.

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