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Polling on campus

Photo by Paul Flessland.

Voting polls opened in the Knutson Campus Center Tuesday; for the first time in campus history, students living on campus could cast ballots in the Atrium. The counting machines showed that 728 ballots were collected. Senior Ryan Mahon, poll volunteer, said the day was exhausting.

Photo by Paul Flessland.

The following are state and federal results from Clay County contested elctions.

Obama/Biden: 52.65%
Romney/Ryan: 44.72%
U.S. Senator
Amy Klobuchar: 66.99%
Kurt Bills: 29.03
District 7 Representative
Collin Peterson: 69.42%
Lee Byberg: 25.94%
State Senator District 4A
Ben Lien: 54.78%
Travis Reimche: 45.01%
State Senator District 4B
Paul Marquart: 70.49%
Paul Sandman: 29.42%
Chief Justice – Supreme Court
Lorie Skjerven Gildea: 62.41%
Dan Griffith: 37.30%
Associate Justice – Supreme Court 1
Barry Anderson: 65.60%
Dean Barkley: 34.11%
Associate Justice – Supreme Court 4
David R. Stras: 58.38%
Tim Tingelstad: 41.33%

The following are Clay County results for the proposed amendments.

Marriage Amendment
Yes: 50.71%
No:  48.12%
Blank: 1.17%
Voter ID Amendment
Yes: 55.49%
No: 42.86%
Blank: 1.65%

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