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This review is mostly for the male members of the Concordia community, although it does provide a short history lesson on barbershops based on research done by The Art of Manliness’ Brett and Kate McKay and the Wikipedia community. If there are men in your life who suffer from bad haircuts, however, feel free to read this article and pass it along as a “subtle” hint.

Reclaiming the lost art of manly pampering
If there is one aesthetic that has been fully embraced by the Fargo independent business scene, it’s retro-fabulous. Ranging from the non-profit Fargo Theatre (one of the last bastions of analogue film in Northern America), to Nichole’s Fine Pastry (where Nichole refuses to provide WiFi for her customers out of principle), Fargo has many establishments in which the odd iPad, flat screen TV, or electronic cash register are the only reminders that we are still in the twenty-first century. One of the newest, and perhaps one of the most interesting additions to this retro-scene is Everett’s Barbershop on Broadway. Everett’s Barbershop is owned and operated  by two sisters — Maureen Cannon and Chelsey Ehlen — and the shop is named after their late grandfather, Fargo barber Everett Cannon.

So, what is a barbershop?
Well, it’s kind of like a beauty salon for men. Like some women go out to get their hair cut and styled or their nails done, most men also used to go to a barber shop to get their hair cut and their beards trimmed (or removed). But just like how, to some women, getting a pedicure or a haircut isn’t necessarily only about the end result (but also about bonding with other women, relaxing, and pampering themselves); going to a barber shop used to be about relaxation, pampering oneself, bonding with like-minded men, and leaving with a close shave and a quality haircut.

Time was not kind to the traditional barbershop. Between the invention of the Gillette safety razor (and, eventually, its half-dozen bladed mutant offspring, the Fusion) and the widespread distribution of hair clippers for the consumer market, more and more barber shops across the country closed their doors for the final time. Men were resigned to shaving and maintaining their own beards, and to cutting their own hair or getting it cut by stylists whose training is geared almost exclusively toward working on women’s hair.

Meanwhile, a consensus has been growing around the notion that men ought not to concern themselves with how they look and what they wear, because that’s not manly. As a result, most of us look, well, sloppy, compared to many of our female counterparts. But if women take the time to look good for themselves, each other, and men they may or may not seek to impress, then why shouldn’t we return the favor (or, for that matter, look good for each other)? With haircuts at 17 bucks a pop, Everett’s is probably one or two bucks more than your average Master Cuts or Great Clips haircut, but come on, fellas. How often do you get a haircut, anyway?

The Everett’s Experience
Everett’s provides you with four options: a haircut, a beard trim, a hot towel shave, or a haircut and a shave. This blogger has tried the beard trim (and shaping) option, and has had two haircuts. Everett’s takes reservations, but there is generally no problem getting into the chair immediately or after a short wait on a comfy couch, as both barbers are very efficient. That is, as long as you show up during shop hours (which are 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday). That efficiency is extremely convenient, because if you are only looking to get a haircut and you have other errands to run downtown, then you can call ahead and know you only have to plan an additional twenty minutes to look extra sharp for that job interview, or the woman (or man) of your dreams. However, If you wish to take the time to really pamper yourself, many swear to the hot towel shave as a means for relaxation.

Upon entering the shop, one of the barbers will generally greet you and immediately direct you to her chair. This might catch some off guard, since kicking back in a separate waiting room has become a common part of getting a haircut. However, there is something to be said for efficiency, and while the Everett’s sisters mean business they are in no way unpleasant. The haircut itself is a quick and painless affair. As your barber drapes you with a cape you tell her what you want, and she will start immediately so you can be on your merry way. It is important to note, though, that Everett’s does not do shampooing, so if you like to gel your hair up like Pauly D, you might want to wash your hair before going. After the haircut is done, the barber will apply some warm shaving cream and use a straight razor to clean up the hairs on your neck. It’s a nice touch.

All in all, Everett’s is a cool establishment with friendly employees that delivers high quality services at a very reasonable price, perfect for any typical college student. The barbers are skilled and efficient, and the location is convenient, all three of which are key for those who are always on their way somewhere, but still want to get haircuts regularly. The only real downside to Everett’s is the fact that they are not open on weekends, but that is the price you pay for being selective about your barber.

Check out Everett’s facebook page for information on their location, products and services, and some cool pictures from the shop.

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